New #GreatFoundersWrite Content Schedule

Here's what to expect over the next few months

Hey friends, old and new,

Last week was the first time I failed to send a newsletter since January. Apologies. Life is pretty hectic in all the right ways right now, but I promise we’ll get back to business next week.

Life/Work updates:

  • Last week I finished Chapter 9 of #GreatFoundersWrite: Writing for Investors. Shout out to Allison Byers, Mac Conwell, and Matt deCourcelle for sharing your insights.

  • This weekend, I’m skipping Chapter 10 (writing for your team) and writing Chapter 11: Writing for Yourself. The goal is to help you develop a writing habit that works for you.

  • Damn Gravity, my book publishing business, is heating up. We received two verbal book agreements this week. That puts us at 4 books being published in the next 9 months (including my own). Working hard to seal those deals.

  • I get married in 29 days. Holy sh*t. Then Mary and I are escaping to Santorini, Greece for a couple of weeks on Honeymoon. Can’t wait.

Content updates:

We have a FULL schedule of content coming up. I’ve interviewed several founders and writers for the past 3 weeks and I’m excited to share their insights with you. On deck:

  • Building a writing system with Ish Verduzco

  • Investor Communication 101 with Mac Conwell

  • Writing Investor Updates that Matter with Matt deCourcelle

  • The Power of Empathy with Pat Timmons

  • What we can learn from Jerry Seinfeld’s writing habits (based on his interview with Tim Ferriss)

  • How do build a writing habit (excerpt from #GreatFoundersWrite)

  • Audience-first writing with Arvid Kahl

Look out for my next newsletter NEXT WEDNESDAY and every Wednesday thereafter. I’ll have articles scheduled out while I’m on honeymoon (the power of automation!)

That’s it for now. Have a great Friday!