Ready for Feedback: Chapter 1 of Great Founders Write

Writing with Purpose

Wow… I’m nervous.

Working on your biggest project ever is hard enough. But then sharing it with the world before it’s ready? If I don’t do this quickly, I might chicken out.

So here it is:

Read Chapter 1: Writing with Purpose


Please give me the grace of a few typos or muddled sentences. I will clean up the details with my editor in a few weeks.

For now, here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. What do you LOVE??

  2. What do you HATE??

  3. What makes no sense??

For each question above, highlight the section and leave a comment. You can say “LOVE,” “HATE,” “Huh?” or leave more specific feedback.

I also made a section at the bottom of the doc for general comments. Just highlight the words, right-click, then “Add Comment.”

Finally, please give this chapter an honest grade — even if you don’t finish reading it! (That’s good info to know) I call this the Net Reader Score.

Click here to take the 1-question survey

I’m nervous right now but so so so excited. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my work. It means everything to me!