Writing gets bad before it gets good

Read a way-too-early draft of Great Founders Write (and please don't judge)

Ever since I started writing #GreatFoundersWrite in public, I’ve had one rule:

I don’t share my first draft.

This has been my psychological safety net. It has given me to courage to get words on paper, which is the first (and hardest step) of writing.

Today, I’m breaking that rule.

Last week I finished the first draft of Chapter 8: Writing for Your Audience. It may be the WORST draft I’ve written so far.

So… why am I sharing it with you?

I’m sharing to show you how bad writing can get before it gets good.

I hope this gives you to courage to just start. With a little effort, even a stinker like this draft can be turned into something readable. For proof, just read Chapter 1 of Great Founders Write.

Warning: This chapter is NOT good reading. It’s both illogical and redundant. It’s scatter-brained and thin on details. I have LOT of editing hours ahead of me.

Gawk at Chapter 8, Draft 1 of Great Founders Write.

No need for feedback here. Not yet. Consider this a sneak peak behind the curtain of the freak show. Enjoy.

Thanks again for reading and being with me on this journey.